Play our CTF^2 and Win 🏆 Galore

Welcome to CTF^2! AppSec Village is proud to present our official DEF CON CTF Contest. This competition's goal is to reward the best CTF Developers in the community. Here the big winners are the challenge builders rather than the players!

You are asked to submit your task in an appropriate format for CTFd deployment, under one of the 4 CTF categories:

  1. Web
  2. Reversing
  3. Secure coding practices
  4. Crypto

All approved challenges will be played in the AppSec Village DEF CON CTF for judging. Winners are selected by judges and players, find the rubric here!

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Level Prize Sponsored by
Level Builder 1st Place $2,000 USD + Razer Gaming Keyboard
Level Builder 2nd Place $1,000 USD + Apple Airpods
Level Builder 3rd Place $500 USD
Player 1st Place Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC Power Bank
Player 2nd Place Apple Airpods
Player 3rd Place JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker