Workshop All Audiences 13:00 - 15:00 August 14, 2022

Ken Pyle

How does a stored XSS on a switch become a covert, firewall bypassing protocol? How does rebooting a switch using unsanitized input allow an attacker to eavesdrop or poison traffic? When do these bugs become weapons?

In this lecture / interactive lab environment, attendees will learn bug hunting, refine exploitation techniques, and understand tradecraft via public disclosure of application flaws in many HPE / Aruba Networks switches. Through the abuse of onboard functionality and "minor bugs", attendees can build a rudimentary covert protocol using stored XSS in limited space, inject arbitrary HTML content across segmented networks, and understand how cyberweapons and capabilities are built from the ground up. The labs will be available post-session: Attendees do not need to be able actively exploit applications to watch and learn!

To participate actively, you will need:

  • Wi-fi or RJ45 connection
  • Burp Community or Professional (Some trial licenses will be available)
  • Kali
  • Python 3 with JSON REQUESTS SYS RE
  • Putty or SSH Client
  • xHydra or an SSH brute forcer

Ken Pyle

Exploit Developer, Cryptanalyst, Professor, Polymath, Punk Rock WarLord - CYBIR

Ken Pyle is a partner of CYBIR, specializing in exploit development, penetration testing, reverse engineering, and enterprise risk management. As a highly rated and popular lecturer he’s presented groundbreaking research at major industry events .