Workshop Intro 11:00 - 13:00 August 14, 2022

James McKee

Application developers are the first line in defending applications from attack, there are thousands of software and hardware solutions to attempt to make your software more safe and secure. In the end if the software isn't developed properly and securely no amount of software or hardware is going to protect you. In this session I plan to go over, identifying weak code, testing for it, and fixing it.

In this session we will go over in-depth the process for doing application security testing on your own applications. As part of the session we will go through and identify all of the items on the OWASP top 10, how to test them using DVWA (the Damn Vulnerable Web Application) and other sandbox applications, and talk about strategies to mitigate the risk and turn weakness into advantage.

James McKee

Global Developer Security Program Manager @ Trimble

Punkcoder is a developer and security advocate whose biggest responsibility is leading developer security practices to build better software. Functioning as an advocate for development teams seeking to improve security for customers.