Talk All Audiences 16:30 - 17:15 August 12, 2023

Muhammad Shahmeer

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, companies are increasingly relying on two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect their assets. However, these security measures are not foolproof and can be bypassed by determined attackers. In this presentation, we will take a deep dive into the techniques used by attackers to bypass next-generation 2FA and MFA security measures.

We will begin by discussing the limitations of 2FA and MFA and why they can be vulnerable to attacks. Then we will demonstrate a variety of attacks used by attackers to bypass these security measures, including phishing attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, and SIM swapping attacks. We will also explore more advanced techniques such as exploiting vulnerabilities in authentication protocols and exploiting weaknesses in mobile authentication applications.

Throughout the presentation, we will provide real-world examples of successful attacks that have bypassed 2FA and MFA, highlighting the impact of such attacks on businesses and organizations. We will also discuss the latest trends and developments in 2FA and MFA security and the steps organizations can take to improve their security posture.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a better understanding of the vulnerabilities in 2FA and MFA security measures and how attackers can exploit them. They will also gain practical knowledge and tools to help them better protect their organizations against these types of attacks.

Muhammad Shahmeer

Founder Younite | 3rd Bug Hunter | Cyber Security Advisor PK |Top 10 Hacker MS/FB | M.Sc InfoSec | Ph.D Blockchain | Engineer | Ironman | Rebuilding communication | CTO Afiniti/Veiliux/Younite | Forbe

Shahmeer Amir iise 3rd most accomplished bug hunter who has helped over 400 Fortune companies. He has founded multiple companies. He is a keynote speaker on Cyber Security, Blockchain at including Blackhat, GiSec, FIC, AEC Alberta, Hackfest