Talk Intro 10:15 - 11:00 August 13, 2023

Magno Logan

More organizations are applying a DevOps methodology to optimize software development. One of the main tools used in this process is a continuous integration (CI) tool that automates code changes from multiple developers working on the same project. Multiple CI tools are available today, Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, GitLab CI, and now GitHub Actions. In 2019, GitHub released its own CI tool called GitHub Actions (GHA). According to GitHub, GitHub Actions help you automate tasks within your software development life cycle, and it has been gaining a lot of adoption from developers.

This presentation results from detailed research on the topic where the author investigated abuse case scenarios, such as how attackers leveraged this free service to mine cryptocurrencies on their behalf and behalf of other users, among other attack vectors. We'll also demonstrate how to perform interactive commands to the Runner servers via reverse shell, which is technically not allowed via traditional means. Ultimately, we'll show the problem of third-party dependencies via the GitHub Actions Marketplace. Finally, we'll demonstrate how easy creating and publishing a fake GitHub Action on the GitHub Marketplace is. And if used unwillingly by other projects, it can compromise the victim's Runners to act as bots, target other victims, and even be used in supply-chain attacks by tampering with the result of the pipeline or even creating a botnet of crypto miners inside Azure.

Magno Logan

Information Security Specialist @ Trend Micro

Magno Logan works as an Information Security Specialist. He specializes in Cloud, Container, and Application Security Research. He has been tapped as a resource speaker for numerous security conferences around the globe.