Arsenal All Audiences 13:00 - 15:00 August 11, 2023

Gal Bitensky

Put yourself in the shoes of a fraudster, you are trying to create a phishing website. Why inserting detectable unicode characters into a mostly-ASCII domain when you can register an entire domain in unicode? This is available when one uses a lesser-known feature called Internationalized Domain Name Top Level Domains (IDN TLD). Consider registering domains like's lookalike in Hebrew - גוגל.קום, アマゾン.コム in Japanese instead of or 微软.公司 which is the Chinese equivalent of

Nekuda (dot in Hebrew) assists blue teamers to detect such domains. Its input is a string (e.g. the blue teamer's employer Brand name) and it emits over 150 potential IDN TLD domains and its registration status. It covers a potential gap in proactive phishing detection and prevention strategies and can be easily integrated into existing open-source tools like dnstwist.

Gal Bitensky

Security Researcher

Gal is a “full stack researcher, poking anything from x86 malware binaries, ICS protocols to classic web security. He likes to share his thoughts and experiments on-stage using simple concepts and tools to demonstrate surprising results.