Workshop Intro 11:00 - 13:00 August 12, 2023

Louis Nyffenegger

Nowadays, JSON Web Tokens are everywhere. They are used as session tokens, OAuth tokens or just to pass information between applications or microservices. By design, JWT contains a high number of security and cryptography pitfalls that creates interesting vulnerabilities. In this workshop, we are going to learn how to exploit some of those issues.

First, we are going to look at the old issues: the none algorithm, guessing/bruteforcing the hmac secret.

Then we will look at more recent issues like how an RSA public key can be computed from multiple signatures to exploit algorithm confusion and how the same attack can be done with ECDSA. We will also look at leveraging issues with the kid/jku/x5u. And finally how to leverage CVE-2022-21449 to bypass the signature mechanism.

Louis Nyffenegger

Founder at PentesterLab

Louis is a security engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is the founder of PentesterLab, a learning platform for web penetration testing.