Talk All Audiences 10:00 - 11:00 August 12, 2023

Maril Vernon

In the journey of life, we all encounter challenges and setbacks that put our resiliency to the test. Resilience, the ability to bounce back from adversity, is a vital trait that empowers individuals to navigate life's trials with grace and strength. At the heart of building this essential attribute lies the power of relationships. As they say, oftentimes trials of life "take a village." The same is true with information security in the digital age.

The keynote "Collaborative Security" delves into the parallel benefits between the foundational pillars of fostering resilient relationships and cybersecurity principles. How often do organizations suffer from silos across verticals that should be information sharing and collaborating?

Resilient relationships create a supportive ecosystem where teams can learn from failures, adapt to emerging threats, and continuously improve cyber strategies. By breaking down silos and bringing together diverse perspectives, collaborative security fosters a culture of creativity and problem-solving. Witness how collaborative efforts among teams and organizations lead to breakthrough ideas and cutting-edge solutions. As innovation and collaboration intertwine, we see the emergence of more resilient cyber infrastructures and practices.

At the end of the day tech and cyber are still people industries. Discover how resilient relationships translate into fortified cyber practices, safeguarding critical assets and bolstering organizational resilience.

Join us for an enlightening and inspiring journey into the heart of collaborative security, where resilient relationships fuel innovation, fortify infrastructure, and pave the way for a safer cyber landscape. Together, we will embrace the collaborative spirit and ignite the spark of innovation to protect the digital realm from ever-evolving threats.

Maril Vernon

One Woman Purple Team

Maril Vernon (@SheWhoHacks) known as the “One Woman Purple Team'' is an award-winning Ethical Hacker, Senior Application Security Architect and Purple Team Program Manager — a niche in offensive security testing that has recently gained popularity demonstrating cyber resilience in the advanced threat landscape. Maril is also Co-host and Co-founder of The Cyber Queens Podcast, an all-female-lead podcast aimed at increasing female and LGBTQ diversity in cybersecurity. She also serves as the COO of Teach Kids Tech, a non-profit organization with the goal of getting technology and its educational resources to children in underprivileged communities and increasing technical capability and cyber awareness in tomorrow’s workforce. Maril has been named one of the ‘Epic Women in Cyber,’ 2023 CyberSHEcurity “Top 10 Women in Cyber,” 2023 Women’s CyberJustu Pentest Ninja Award winner, and is a finalist for Cybersecurity woman of the Year: Hacker of the Year and Cybersecurity Woman of the World 2023! She is also an SME and contributing writer to CSO Online magazine on cyber resilience, Purple and Red Team best practices and industry trends. Maril's passion for closing the gender gap in cyber is further highlighted in her affiliations with The Cyber Guild, The Diana Initiative, BBWIC, and WiCyS.